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Build your cooking empire from your kitchen

Hello there! Welcome to aircooks, a place where home cooks and professional cooks can build a business from their own kitchen, and where customers can receive authentic, fresh, home-made meals, cooked with love.

Many of us who are passionate about food may daydream in our kitchen about getting our fantastic dishes out into the world, but perhaps we don’t know where to start in setting up our first restaurant venture — in building your business from your own kitchen (yep, that means no rent, electrical etc costs to worry about!) all you have to focus on are great ingredients and fantastic service, which are the things you’re already brilliant at!

If you’re someone who shares our passion for fresh, authentic food and you know that your food always makes your customers or family ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ with delight, then we would love to join forces with you and set you up on your journey to become a home cook mogul from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Wait, so what’s the catch? We’re proud to say that if you partner with us, there really are no hidden costs: this is your opportunity to build your business from home, doing what you love to do for a better work/life balance that offers great flexibility.

No more long commutes, working with people that you don’t want to work with and being locked into a schedule that doesn’t suit you. Instead, you can keep keep 100% of what you would have been spending on travel and meals throughout the day – sounds pretty good, right? That’s a lot of extra cash in your pocket!

Becoming a home cook means that you are your own boss, working on to a schedule that suits you, in a place that suits you. How much you cook, whether it’s part-time in the evenings or 6 days a week, it really is down to you, your availability and your time schedule.

We provide you with the tech and marketing tools to make your business fly — all it takes for you is a few clicks to get your business registered with us and we’ll bring the customers to you.

With us you will:

  • Save on pricey marketing costs
  • Reach a wider customer base
  • Save on electricity and water bills (your customers eat at home!)
  • Have customers brought to you
  • Save on website costs
  • Have 0% commission taken
  • Have a $0.00 registration fee

Our competitors will usually charge you a high joining fee, and then take high commissions on every sale that you make — we don’t think this is fair, and have built our business ethos on the basis that we show our partners that we value them and their business.

Let’s make your business dreams a reality: cut costs, earn more, save the headache: sign up to aircooks today.

To register today, just click ‘Partner with us’ on the top-right of our webpage on

Once you’ve passed our checks, you’ll be one of our trusted partners within 5 working days.