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Your partner is now charging you for dinner at home?

Welcome to online food marketplaces

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels
Endless business opportunities from home have popped up since we’ve entered into our new reality, our Covid reality. From online tutoring, to drop shipping to freelance writing, us humans have pivoted and adapted in the face of adversity. Last year saw the rise of the home chef’s which has accelerated C2C into the hospitality sector. We saw people selling their national cuisine on online marketplaces such as facebook as a contingency plan B as
the world economy hit the reset button.

Fast forward to mid 2021, online food marketplaces are not going anywhere but only taking off. Whether people are sick of seeing the same uber driver at their doorstep every Friday night or maybe it’s their taste buds that has gotten enough of the same rotation of cuisines.

These are advantages and disadvantages for both buyers and sellers.
Sellers – advantages
● Additional income – Who doesn’t like a bit of spare cash? For some, this is their new vocation in the light of Covid. For others it is a shelter as we wait for the clouds of Covid to clear.
● Enhanced culinary toolbox – There is the saying that practice makes perfect. The time and repetition you invest in cooking for others will no doubt fine tune you past your menu items of 2 minute noodles.
● Stepping stone – Maybe you’re that customer who always says “I can cook a better meal in my sleep” Well this is your stepping stone to test waters and gauge your market traction and see whether you walk the talk. If the numbers work out, maybe you can do better and open up shop?
● Social network – An online marketplace allows you to connect with people you would never have had a chance to meet at your end of year office party or annual family dinner. Your customers can become a potential friend, business partner, soulmate or mentors. (Yes i’m talking about those 1 star constructive feedback reviews)
● No commission – Thanks to social media and online marketplaces, listing your service is free, so the only barrier to entry is your will! (You might still need a vacant kitchen though, so talk it out with your family/friends)
● Risk – With every business there is an element of risk. In the food space, there are matters concerning food safety, hygiene, allergies, food recalls and food poisoning.
● Time consuming – Embedding oneself into a new vocation requires sacrifices. This means no more Friday night netflix sessions or Sunday brunches, as you’ll probably be the one making the brunches! Instead your discretionary time now involves doing extra grocery runs, checking on your phone responding to orders and of course
hours in the kitchen, what is a living room?
● Competition – You’re probably not the only cook around if you have just realised, so don’t expect the dockets to fly in once you start. There are those who have attended culinary schools in Europe, worked at 5 star hotels and of course covid is not here to stay. So the restaurant scene will eventually return. Buyers – advantages
● Variety – Instantly gain access to a wide range of flavours you wouldn’t have experienced before from your usual ubereats feed.
● Price – Home chefs are just cooking from their homes and this means lower costs for the consumer, as they don’t need to deal with commercial rent and staff wages.
● Direct communication – No more google reviews to express your hate or gratitude after a meal for a business. You have direct access to the chef.
● Faster delivery – Compared to a restaurant, freelance cooks don’t expect the same volume as an established restaurant during a typical peak dinner period.

● Consistency – To be honest, restaurants face the same problem. But you could say, it would be more so for freelance at home cooks. Who may not get orders everyday and this may impact on their quality.
● Access to exclusive suppliers – There is a reason why we dined out in the first place. And that is that restaurants have established supplier relationships with farmers and fishermans. Your meal is probably sourced from ALDI but if you’re lucky could be from a farmer’s market. This is where your taste buds come in!

Still undecided? As former professional Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky put it “You
miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” So if not now, when? To get started with, please click on the words “partner with us” at the top of the screen.
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